Marks & Spencer, Worthing

The Marks & Spencer store in Worthing are supporting The Friends of Worthing Hospitals this year, with collection tins in the store.

The much loved retailers have been supporting local communities as part of their ethos:

“We listen to our local communities, our customers and our employees, to make sure we understand their changing needs and are best placed to help them deal with issues such as unemployment or poverty and to improve their health and wellbeing.
“We’ve supported our local communities throughout our 130 year history, because we know that vibrant communities are essential for our success. As David Sieff, a member of the M&S founding family, said: “healthy high streets need healthy backstreets”.
“We’re committed to support social cohesion, economic prosperity and inclusive growth – by being relevant in local neighbourhoods worldwide, be they in Bristol, Mumbai or Shanghai. We want to be a brand that employees are proud to work for and that customers can trust.”

We would like to thanks Marks & Spencer for their support. To find out more about their policy on supporting charities like us, go to their website here.



70th Annual General Meeting

Our 70th Annual General Meeting, since the Friends of Worthing Hospitals was founded in 1949, was held at the Ardington Hotel in Worthing on the evening of 3rd June 2019.

We were very pleased to have as a our Guest Speaker Mr. Michael Rymer – Non-Executive Director and Deputy Chairman, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as well as Brighton and Sussex University NHS Foundation Trust.

Mr. Rymer spoke of all that had been achieved in those 70 years and all that was still needed to be done.

We would like to thank all who attended as well as the Ardington Hotel for their continued support and hospitality.

Our Friends Shop in the North Wing

Both a Café and a Shop, the Friends continue to raise funds for the Worthing Hospital.

Our shop sells snacks and drink – including sugar-free options – newspapers, toiletries, puzzle books … in fact anything to make patients and their families more comfortable.

Make sure you check out what is on offer!

TV screens for Dementia Care

In November 2018 the Friends donated £73,000 for the purchase of these TV screens for Dementia Care. These screens show TV programmes from many years ago, which bring back memories. This is very helpful to those suffering from Dementia where their short term memory is less effective than their long term memory.