Spot Vision Screener

The Friends were very pleased to be able to purchase a Spot Vision Screener for the Orthoptic Department at Southlands Hospital who provide an excellent service for many Worthing patients who are referred there for treatment. This will provide a quick and non-invasive assessment especially of babies, young children and those patients with special needs.

Thank you for everyone’s continued support at the Friends shop and café we can only do this because of you.
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For over 30 years the Friends of Worthing Hospitals have delivered Christmas presents to those elderly patients who find themselves in hospital on Christmas Day. Some of our Trustee’s delivered over 300 gift bags to the wards ready for the big day. Thank you to Janet Webber who throughout the year spends time sourcing, wrapping and labeling all the individual gifts. To our team of drivers who load and unload all the boxes and deliver them to each of the wards. But a big THANK YOU goes out to all those who during the year have used the Friends café, shop and the Trolley’s that visit the wards. Without patients, visitors, hospital staff and our brilliant volunteers and staff we would not be able to do this annual event or be able to purchase the much needed equipment during the rest of the year. 

First trust to have “storzslator” tool

Cancer patients with significantly enlarged prostates will benefit from the trust becoming the first in the country to own a new piece of specialist equipment.

The £32,000 Storz morslator, kindly bought by the Friends of Worthing Hospitals, enables Western Sussex to become one of the few trusts offering holmium laser enucleation of the prostate, which reduces bleeding and often means a shorter length of stay in hospital for men post-surgery.

Consultant urological surgeon, Mr Rob Frymann, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for the hospital as we are the first hospital in the country to have the Storz morslator, or the “storzslator” as I have called it, which allows us to get bits of prostate out of the bladder so that we can send them off to the pathologist. With the prostate there’s a tendency for it to bleed and the massive advantage of a laser prostectmy is that there is a much lower risk of bleeding.”

Mr Frymann added: “Very many thanks to the Friends of Worthing Hospitals, particular thanks to the urology senior sister Jackie Sweet because without her ongoing support for the last two years we would not have managed to achieve this, our fantastic Storz rep Ricky Garcia, the whole team in theatres, my colleagues and the whole department.”

New Friends Shop in the North Wing is fully operational

Both a Café and a Shop, the Friends continue to raise funds for the Worthing Hospital.

Our shop sells snacks and drink – including sugar-free options – newspapers, toiletries, puzzle books … in fact anything to make patients and their families more comfortable.

Make sure you check out what is on offer!

TV Screens for Dementia (Right)

In November the Friends donated £73,000 for the purchase of these TV screens for Dementia Care. These screens show TV programmes from many years ago, which bring back memories. This is very helpful to those suffering from Dementia where their short term memory is less effective than their long term memory.

January 2018 – New Equipment

On January 8th, 2018, The Trustees met to agree the purchase of equipment for the hospital to the total value of £44,395.00.

They included:

For General Surgery, two Verathon Bladder Scanners (pictured left) for £14,000.00.

For the Maternity Unit, a Belmont RI-2 Pump Unit costing £16,970.00.

And for the Medical Devices Equipment Library, 15 Braun Infusment Space Infusion Pumps, costing £13,425.00.

We would like to thank all our supporters who have made this possible!