New Friends Shop in the North Wing is fully operational

Both a Café and a Shop, the Friends continue to raise funds for the Worthing Hospital.

Our shop sells snacks and drink – including sugar-free options – newspapers, toiletries, puzzle books … in fact anything to make patients and their families more comfortable.

Make sure you check out what is on offer!

TV Screens for Dementia (Right)

In November the Friends donated £73,000 for the purchase of these TV screens for Dementia Care. These screens show TV programmes from many years ago, which bring back memories. This is very helpful to those suffering from Dementia where their short term memory is less effective than their long term memory.

January 2018 – New Equipment

On January 8th, 2018, The Trustees met to agree the purchase of equipment for the hospital to the total value of £44,395.00.

They included:

For General Surgery, two Verathon Bladder Scanners (pictured left) for £14,000.00.

For the Maternity Unit, a Belmont RI-2 Pump Unit costing £16,970.00.

And for the Medical Devices Equipment Library, 15 Braun Infusment Space Infusion Pumps, costing £13,425.00.

We would like to thank all our supporters who have made this possible!