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The Friends of Worthing Hospitals are a long established Registered Charity originally formed back in 1949 We aim to supplement the comfort and well being of Patients, their Relatives, the hospital staff and any visitors to the three local hospitals we support.

We provide High Tech medical equipment as well as non medical services such as refurbishing wards and departments to enhance the patients care, comfort and their stay in our local health care hospitals.

Our services are still as vital today as in 1949 and by our providing the much needed funding to purchase the equipment and additional services we can make a real difference to a patient’s stay in hospital.

Join us today and support our work – Help us to make a difference and make YOUR hospital special. Membership of The Friends of Worthing Hospitals costs as little as £5 (minimum) per year (CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION FORM) Registered Charity 208291

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