Summarised Financial Statement

These summarised financial statements do not comprise the statutory financial statements, but are a summary, including the statement of financial activities (SOFA) and the balance sheet, of the full financial statements.


The full report and accounts were approved on the 31st March 2017, and will be submitted to the Charity Commission. A full set of the Trustees Annual Report and Financial Statements are available upon request.

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Gifts to Hospitals For the year ended 31st Dec 2017

Department Description Price
Accident & Emergency Sonosite X-Porte ultrasound machine


Audiology Department Auditory Brainstem equipment £16,750
Audiology Department 2 Otometric Diagnostic Tympanometers £8,300
Dementia Department Furniture and equipment £15,000
Dementia Department 2 Digital Reminiscence Therapy Software Systems £12,200
Intensive Care Unit 4 Maxiblend High Flow generator machines £16,428
Occupational Therapy Department Wheelchairs £9,761
Physiotherapy Department  Gym equipment £3,271
Physiotherapy Department  20 Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation  exercisers  £1,120
Surgical Pre-Assessment Clinic  TV £474
Shepherd House Summer House £1,239
Courtesy packs

Christmas gifts etc.



 TOTAL  £126,670