CT Scanner

CT Scanner

Just a reminder of our successful CT Scanner Appeal.

The Friends of Worthing Hospitals first launched the appeal to raise £1million on Monday 29th September, 2008, with a donation
of £100,000!

Members of the public and the business sector were invited to donate to this appeal through collection boxes, organising events, raffles and other fund raising activities.

It was known that the provision of a second CT Scanner at Worthing Hospital would benefit all of the community in West Sussex.

Medical technology has advanced enormously over the past twenty years. The CT Scanner will provide new ways to diagnose diseases of the bowel, blood vessels, heart and lungs. Conditions previously investigated by invasive procedures or surgery.

The new CT Scanner produces images of the inside of the body in just a few seconds. This is particularly useful for those who have difficulty lying still (the very young and elderly patients, or those in pain).

CT has become a very important investigation for numerous conditions, especially cancer and trauma. The number of people requiring CT Scans increases each year. A second CT Scanner has reduced the waiting time for patients in hospital and will therefore speed up their treatment.

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